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Internet Linking

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Links to Repeater Listings for locations in Canada

RAC does not maintain listings of repeaters on this web site, but here are some links to repeater information on other web sites in a variety of areas.

Please send us the URL for any web pages which list repeaters in your area.


RAC Logo Alberta Coordinated Repeater
RAC Logo Central Alberta Radio League VHF Repeaters
RAC Logo Edmonton Area Repeaters (NARC)
RAC Logo Northern Alberta Radio Club - NARC
RAC Logo Radio Amateur Education Society Repeaters
RAC Logo Southern Alberta Repeater Association

British Columbia

RAC Logo BC Amateur Radio Coordination Council


RAC Logo Manitoba Blue Book Repeater Listings

Maritime Provinces

RAC Logo Atlantic Provinces Repeaters
RAC Logo Maritime Repeaters & Nodes
RAC Logo Nova Scotia Repeaters
RAC Logo Nova Scotia Repeater Map
RAC Logo VE1AIC's Maritime  Repeater Listings

Newfoundland and Labrador

RAC Logo Atlantic Provinces Repeaters
RAC Logo VO Repeater Directory
RAC Logo VO1-VO2 Section Repeater Directory 


RAC Logo Niagara Area Repeater List
RAC Logo Northern Ontario Repeater List
RAC Logo Northern Ontario Interactive Repeater Listing
RAC Logo Saint Lawrence Valley Repeater Council Repeater List
RAC Logo Ontario Highway Repeater Maps
RAC Logo VA3BMC Toronto Area Repeaters 
RAC Logo VA3PLA Solar-Powered Repeater 


RAC Logo >RAQI - Comité Coordination des Fréquences du Québec


RAC Logo SE Saskatchewan Repeaters

Links to USA Repeater Locations

RAC Logo 10-70 Repeater Association
RAC Logo Ak-Sar-Ben Amateur Radio Club
RAC Logo Albemarle Amateur Radio Club
RAC Logo Amateur Radio Repeater Database - Updated Daily
RAC Logo ARCC - Main Home Page
RAC Logo Arizona Ham Radio Repeaters Directory
RAC Logo Arizona Repeater Association
RAC Logo Arkansas (Little Rock) Repeaters
RAC Logo Ashland ARC Repeaters
RAC Logo Aurora Repeater Association
RAC Logo Big Shanty Repeater Group - APRS- Balloonatics and Atlanta ATV
RAC Logo Blackstrap Repeater Association
RAC Logo Calnet Repeater Group
RAC Logo Central Iowa Repeater Frequencies
RAC Logo Chicago Area Repeaters
RAC Logo Cookeville Repeater Association
RAC Logo Delaware Repeater Association
RAC Logo East County Repeater Association
RAC Logo Florida Repeater Council
RAC Logo Idaho ATV Repeater Information
RAC Logo Illinois Repeater Association
RAC Logo Indiana Repeater Council
RAC Logo Interior Alaska Amateur Radio Club Repeaters
RAC Logo Iowa Repeater Council
RAC Logo K1IW Amateur Radio Repeater and Broadcast Transmitter Websearch
RAC Logo KD1XP Repeater Group
RAC Logo KD4RAA Repeater Group
RAC Logo Kentucky Repeaters - West
RAC Logo Middle Atlantic FM and Repeater Council (T-MARC)
RAC Logo Milwaukee Repeater Club
RAC Logo More Tennessee Repeaters
RAC Logo Mountain Repeater Association
RAC Logo Mount Tom Amateur Repeater Assocation
RAC Logo New England Repeater Directory 
RAC Logo North American Digital System Directory
RAC Logo Outer Banks Repeater Assoc
RAC Logo Philadelphia Area Repeater Assoc
RAC Logo Pittsburg Repeater Organization
RAC Logo Puget Sound Repeater Group
RAC Logo Rockland Repeater Association
RAC Logo Six Meter Repeater List for California
RAC Logo Santa Clara Valley (CA) Repeaters
RAC Logo SEITS Repeater Page
RAC Logo South Carolina Repeaters
RAC Logo SouthEastern Repeater Association, Inc. (SERA)
RAC Logo Southern California 220 Co-ordinated Repeaters
RAC Logo Southern California Repeater Lists
RAC Logo Spokane Repeater Group
RAC Logo texasrepeatersystem.com
RAC Logo Tulsa Repeater Organization
RAC Logo Twin Cities Repeater Club 
RAC Logo Utah VHF Society
RAC Logo W6DEK 147.435 Los Angeles Repeater Website
RAC Logo Wellsboro Area Radio Society
RAC Logo Westchester NY Repeaters
RAC Logo Western Amateur Linking Association (California)
RAC Logo Western Area FM Amateur Repeater Club
RAC Logo Western Washington Repeater Association
RAC Logo Wisconsin Association of Repeaters
RAC Logo YRARC Repeaters

Worldwide Repeaters

RAC Logo Benelux Repeaters - PE1PNB
RAC Logo Arfon Repeater Group
RAC Logo Bristol 70cms Repeater Group
RAC Logo Central Coast (Aus) Amateur Radio Club
RAC Logo Essex Repeater Group - GB3DA - GB3ER - GB3DB - GB3ZP - GB3CMS
RAC Logo GB3ZI Repeater Group
RAC Logo Irish Radio Transmitter Society
RAC Logo Leicestershire Repeater Group
RAC Logo Radio Repeaters World Wide
RAC Logo Repeaters in VK6
RAC Logo RMC Web Great Britain Repeaters
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RAC Logo Repeaters in Turkey
RAC Logo Echolink Repeaters in Turkey
RAC Logo Wireless Institute of Australia (Federal)